Video Poker

Video poker is actually much more suitable for online gambling compared with brick-and-mortar casinos.

On the Internet, the game is faster, offers higher pay outs and the game variety is incomparable. When you search for a good online video poker casino, you should try to find the best deposit bonus and highest progressive jackpots.

We've done that for you - the best video poker casinos is found below.

When you play video poker online, you should almost always play for the maximum allowed amount. If you feel like the largest amount allowed is too high, you're often better off at a machine with lower stakes. The reason for this is that the payout structure usually isn't flat. In other words, you win more if you bet max.

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Video Poker Jackpot

Besides betting max amount, you should look for video poker machines with progressive jackpots. A progressive Video Poker jackpot machine is linked together with thousands of other machines, and when a player makes a wager in any of these, the Video Poker jackpot raises. The higher the Video Poker jackpot is, the lower the house edge becomes.

Video Poker Bonus and Comps

Video Poker provides a unique opportunity in the casino gaming world. Because the house edge is so low under the right circumstances, video poker players can come close to, or actually give themselves a positive expectation by taking advantage of Video Poker bonus and comps.

How Video Poker Bonus and Comps Work

Live casinos offer comps for playing a certain period. You can get a player's card to insert into your Video Poker machine, which will calculate the length of play and how much money you are putting through the machine.

You can scan the card later to find out what you have earned from the casino. You can earn free meals, a free or discounted room or show tickets with comps. If you play Video Poker online, the casino cannot offer these things, so your Video Poker bonus will take the form of extra money in your account.

How Can Bonuses and Comps Make Me a Winner at Video Poker?

Casino games are designed so that the player will lose over time. This built in casino advantage is known as the house edge. However, the house edge for video poker is extremely low.

For a full pay 9/6 jacks or better Video Poker machine, a player can reduce the edge to less than half a cent on the dollar with optimal strategy. This small house edge does not account for bonuses or comps. If you collect a nice Video Poker bonus while playing, it can actually push you from the loss column over to the win column for an extended period of your Video Poker play.

Video Poker Rules

How a hand in Video Poker is played

The rules of Video Poker games differ a lot from regular poker games. The major difference is that in Video Poker you're only playing against a machine and not other players. This is how a hand in Video Poker is played:

* The player makes a bet.

* The machine gives the player five cards.

* The players decide which cards to keep and which to discard.

* The player's discards are replaced by the machine.

* The player is paid off (or loses the bet) according to the value the hand.

Different types if Video Poker: Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Wild; the list continues. You'll have several video poker games to choose from, and the Video Poker rules differ slightly from game to game:

* In Deuces Wild the deuces are wild. For example, this makes a hand like five of a Kind possible.

* In Jacks or Better a pair of Jacks is the lowing ranking paying hand.

* In Jokers Wild a Joker is included in the deck. The Joker is wild and can be counted as any card. This makes hands like five of a Kind and Joker Royal Flush possible.

Video Poker Strategy

Choosing a machine

There are no official video poker rules regarding payouts. Whichever machine offers the best, that's the one you want to choose. That's definitely the most effective Video Poker strategy. Notice especially the payout for a flush and for a full-house. A full-house is one hand better than a flush, and some machines offer a better payout. For example, nine credits for a full-house and five for a flush. Other machines will offer less: 7/5 or 6/5. Play the higher payout machines, and play your maximum bet on each draw.

Know your hand

When you learn how to play video poker online hand ranking is one of the most important things. You have to know the value of hands; when to discard and when to stay. These Video Poker games offer the ability to discard all five cards, and sometimes, you'll have a hand full of nothing and you'll want to do just that. Knowing Video Poker strategy and when to keep cards will help your potential of building a strong hand and winning more money!