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Online Blackjack

Below you will find a list of the best online blackjack casinos. Our professional gamblers have rated the biggest Internet gambling facilities and here you'll find the results.

We have looked at software quality, game pace, casino bonus, blackjack variety and everything else surrounding a great gambling experience.

Look no further - these are the best black jack casinos on the Net.

Blackjack is a casino game where players can make the house edge very small (0.5%), when played correctly that is. Make sure you study the rules of the game as well as the basic blackjack strategy before you make a first deposit and hit the tables. You must know whether to hit or stand when you have 14 showing and the dealer has a 6. Otherwise, the house edge grows considerably and you become a huge underdog.

Fortunately, the basic blackjack strategy is quite simple and you will face the same situations over and over again. You can just follow a blackjack chart, which is a table that shows what you should do - stand, hit, double or split - in every possible situation that might occur. After a while, you don't need the chart anymore and can solely rely on your blackjack skills and your instincts.

Suddenly, blackjack becomes one of the best online casino games with almost no house edge.

Play Blackjack

Playing online blackjack is a great choice for those looking for Internet gaming opportunities. Online blackjack is challenging enough to keep one's mind occupied with enough of a luck element to keep players guessing and entertained.

Finding Online Blackjack

Online blackjack can be found at almost any online casino. If you don't already have an online casino account, it's not hard to find a site and sign on. Just check out the top lists here at When you sign up through us you get extra money in your account as a bonus for signing up with a particular site to play blackjack online. The online blackjack menu should be easy to navigate to from the main page once you have logged in.

Online Blackjack Variations

If you're looking for standard blackjack, be sure the online blackjack site is offering traditional rules, where doubling and splitting is allowed and the house pays 3-to-2 on blackjack. Some sites may try to offer worse odds on blackjack in exchange for things like playing with fewer decks. Other online blackjack games include blackjack switch, where you are dealt two hands and can alternate your second cards, and Pontoon, which has a number of rules changes from traditional online blackjack. It's fine to play any variation you like, just be sure you know which variation you are playing. There are also a growing number of blackjack tournaments available. Maybe elimination blackjack is the game for you.

Other Things to Know about Online Blackjack

You are not obligated to remain on any one site for your online blackjack. There are plenty of online casino sites and online blackjack games on the Internet, and if there is anything you don't like about your current site, feel free to check out a different one, and play blackjack online there.

Simple Blackjack Rules

It's very easy to learn blackjack. There is one basic educational skill needed within the blackjack rules - knowing how to add. And with that skill, you want to attain a hand scoring as close to 21 without going over, and being closer to 21 than the dealer. Going over 21 is known as a bust; that's bad news for you, as your chips will begin to disappear quickly. You also need to know when to hit, stand, double down etc. The easiest way to learn this is to use a blackjack strategy chart. Our advice is that you print out the one found here at CasinoToplists. A chart like this is always good to have available for consultation when playing blackjack online. Make sure you know the blackjack rules before sitting down at the table.


Blackjack Bonus

If you play blackjack, either online or at live casinos, you should take advantage of comps and bonuses. These casino promotions can make your blackjack experience more pleasurable, and even more profitable.

What is Blackjack Bonus and Comps?

Blackjack bonuses and comps are rewards for playing at the casino. Bonuses in live casinos can result in free meals, shows or rooms. You can get them by having your play "rated" by the casino. This rating has nothing to do with your blackjack skill, it is only a measure of how long and how much you play.

When you play online, you can earn a Blackjack bonus by just signing up to a casino. After playing the requisite amount, the bonus shows up in your account.

What's So Great about Blackjack Bonuses?

Simply put, blackjack bonuses are free items that help counterbalance the house edge. Casinos expect that once they get you in and playing, you will for a long time without using correct strategy. In most cases, the casino is correct.

However, if you are a savvy blackjack player, stick to basic blackjack strategy and don't let your emotions get in the way of proper play. This way, you can significantly reduce the house edge. In a live casino, this can amount to free show tickets, free meals and free or discounted hotel rooms. At an online casino, this can even lead to a period with positive expectation.

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